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, errors, malfunctioning of the HP printer.

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HP printer install related issues are the most common of all. A new user needs some technical assistance related to the HP Printer and thankfully 123hp.com/setup can provide all the assistance you need in HP printer install process. Given below the extensive guide to answer all the questions you have in mind and also help you in the installation process. Let’s check it out.

123hp.com/setup – Things to do before HP printer install

Before you begin the HP printer installation process there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Check them out below.

• Make sure the USB cable must be less than three meters.
• To check if the printer is in working condition plug in your printer to the power source and switch it on.
• The system you want to connect with USB cable either its laptop or personal computer, it must have working USB ports.
• If you connected your printer without installing HP drivers on your system then you have to remove the printer with the help of the control panel. Always remember to connect your printer after installing HP printer drivers.
• If you are an Apple user then go to System Preferences and click on Add printer and scanner if your system hasn’t picked printer yet.

HP printer driver installation process

When you are done with all the preparation needed you can go the official website of HP to download drivers on your system.

• In order to download HP printer drivers, you need to enter your model number in the available field and follow the instructions on the screen, the on-screen instructions may differ according to the model number. Download available HP printer driver for your printer. If you are having issues in finding the printer model follow the next step.
• You need to visit Software and driver download section on the HP website and enter the printer model to check if compatible drivers are available for your printer. You can also check if the operating system you are using on your computer is compatible with the printer.
• Please note that you have installed Driver product installation software on your system if not download it and save the file in any desired location. Run the setup file on your system.
• Mac users can also download HP printer drivers from the official HP website.

Install HP printer with the SAMSUNG tablet (Wireless printing Method)

If your HP printer supports wireless printing you can easily connect your printer with a Samsung device, in order to do that you need to setup Samsung device with the printer which can be easily done via WIFI connection.

Make sure that both Samsung and HP printer is connected on the same network for a successful setup process. There are two methods to do that and these methods are listed below.

First Method – HP Print Service Plugin

• In order to Wireless printing work, you have to download HP Print Service Plugin from Google Play Store if it’s not already pre-installed on your laptop or mobile.
• After app installation from Google Play Store connect your mobile and the HP printer on the same network using WIFI connection.
• Go to File Manager on your mobile, select a document or image then click on print.
• Now select your printer available.
• You can change settings before printing and then confirm the HP printer.
Second Method – HP ePrint App

For on the go wireless printing HP ePrint App is the best through which a user can print documents using this app with ease. To download this app hit the Google Play Store and download and install ePrint App. Here is how you can you can use this effectively.

• To print documents and images you have to go phone’s file manager and select the desired file. Now select HP printer from the available devices.
• The printer is capable of printing documents wirelessly and also ePrint enabled.
• Now click on the print option and start printing documents and images.