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HP is known worldwide for producing quality electronic devices and equipment. Lexmark manufactures all types of printers including multipurpose printers as well as single purpose and apart from this it also manufactures devices such as scanners, laptops, desktops, mouse, keyboards etc. HP produces devices that are long-lasting and hassle-free and also they are affordable with all the modern technologies and equipment. When you compare HP printer to other printers you will find the difference in printing, price, build, quality and services. Even though HP printers are among the best in this competitive market when it comes to issues and printer related problems, HP printers are giving fewer troubles to the users. But as HP printers are still a machine and machines are prone to the vulnerabilities and issues.


offers best customer support to the HP customers who are looking for a solution for their printer related problems. Printer related problems such as paper jam, cartridge issues, paper head issues, printer offline issues, printer driver installation and uninstallation issues are easily handled by the customer support executives at 123hp.com/setup. Resolve your HP printer related issues with highly skilled professionals at 123hp.com/setup. We have the team of experts who have years of experience in the field of IT and computers can help you out with any HP printer related problems. So if you are experiencing problems with your HP printer dial our customer support number and avail our best in class services, visit 123hp.com/setup for more information.

123hp.com/setup – HP Printer setup guide

As technology is advancing it’s very hard for users to get things done properly. Every day there is a new feature or innovation in front of users. Though users get a user manual with the printer to setup an HP printer a user struggles with the setup process. Connecting to with customer support for assistance is a wise decision where you can get easy and simple solution for the latest device. Foremost of all, a user struggles with the HP printer setup so 123hp.cpm/setup brings you the easy and simple guide for HP printer setup. Follow every step given below to setup your HP printer at your home, office or your work area.

• Unwrap your HP printer box and carefully take out HP printer from the box.
• Make sure that not to miss any equipment and items such as driver CD and also make sure to keep all things closer because you are going to need it for the HP printer setup process.
• Now place your printer where it’s easily accessible and new to the power source as well as near your workspace.
• When everything is ready to plug in your HP printer’s power cord to the nearby power source.
• Before moving further make sure you installed ink cartridges to its proper place in the printer. To know how to setup ink cartridges in your HP printer, connect to 123hp.com/setup for in-depth guidance.
• Keep in mind to connect your personal computer or laptop to an active internet connection and also the wireless router that you are going to use should be of good quality with a good range.
• Visit 123hp.com/setup to know how to download printer drivers, how to update printer drivers etc. for the smooth running of your printer.
• When you are installing your HP printer, keep all three devices nearby to have a proper connection and switch on the printer.
• When finally you established a network connection and connected your router, personal computer and the printer to a network keep in mind that all three devices should be on the same network.

In case you are having problems in HP printer setup you can call our customer support number any hour of the Day and night at 123hp.com/setup.

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You got a new printer, that’s nice and you are ready to print some documents and images. Maybe you want to print a cool picture of your favourite movie star but what if you can not setup HP printer and struggling to do it properly. It is advisable if you setup your HP printer with the help of an experienced user also you choose a better option which availing 123hp.com/setup customer support services to avoid any miss happenings. Our highly qualified and experienced customer support executives offer best technical advice and assistance to the user not only that our customer care executives are polite and friendly so users feel like they are talking to a friend. We have a huge number of satisfied customers who rely on our services whenever they fall into a printer related problem. Our services are fast and instant means we provide help and assistance without taking much time, so subscribe to 123hp.com/setup services now!